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NINO CHIRCO interview


Nino Chirco’s interview


A coffee with Nino Chirco, independent film and music producer, who produced the film BRICIOLE SUL MARE directed by Walter Nestola, currently running for the David di Donatello award. How is our meeting with him born? Accidentally. He contacted us because he was impressed by our work on Socials and wanted to know if could have been achived to cooperate.


From there arose this interview that wants to be the story of a dream and the path that led to its realization. Two things, to skin (as they say) we were struck by Chirco. The smile and being “ahead” compared to the normality of people.
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TOUCH ME by Rossano B. Maniscalchi at 9th La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival

TOUCH ME a film by Rossano B. Maniscalchi at 9th La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival
TOUCH ME a film by Rossano B. Maniscalchi at 9th La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival

Feeling proud!!!
Full of nomination for TOUCH ME (directed by Rossano B. Maniscalchi) at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2018:

  • Best Director
  • Best Picture
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Music
  • Best Fashion

Congratulations to the entire team!
(Special thanks to Rossano B. Maniscalchi and Walter Nestola for the press release, the backstage photos and for being so nice)
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ph. courtesy Rossano B. Maniscalchi


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TOUCH ME fashion film by Rossano B. Maniscalchi

  Milano – Italy










Vaifro Minoretti e i suoi scatti internazionali d’autore

Vaifro Minoretti



(Annuario del Cinema Italiano & Audiovisi)


Ringrazio l’Annuario del Cinema Italiano & Audiovisi  e Marina Castelnuovo per la gradita ed inaspettata sorpresa. Grazie di cuore! Vaifro.


WALTER NESTOLA, actor, director

Walter Nestola's interview for 1blog4u

I had the pleasure of meeting Walter Nestola in Crema, during the screening of the film “Briciole sul mare” (of which he is a director and actor) with donations collected for the Red Cross of Crema for the earthquake victims of Accumoli.

There were many people, as you can imagine, including the film’s producer Nino Chirco, Mayor Stefania Bonaldi, and some journalists. Also for this 1blog4u thanks Walter Nestola for making himself available, but… it doesn’t end here.

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Vaifro Minoretti

SKY Scrat: Ice Age 5 – Collision Course

SKY Ice Age: Collision Course - Scrat - Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan
SKY Ice Age: Collision Course – Scrat – Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan

SKY Scrat: Ice Age 5 – Collision Course.

Always following the beautiful SKY initiatives in Milan, dedicated to the little ones, this time, the 1blog4u’s staff, went to photograph Scrat and his acorn at Piazza Gae Aulenti.

In these days of great warmth, the square …

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credits photo Vaifro Minoretti

SKY e il parco dei cartoon #CheSpettacolo #SkyCartoon

SKY e il parco dei cartoon - Tom and Jerry - Indro Montanelli Park, Milano

We came across a new, praiseworthy initiative: through the program “SKY and the cartoon park”, Sky is offering children the opportunity to meet cartoon characters in several parks of the city of Milan.

We said: “Wow! Let’s go! We love cartoons!”

Ninja Turtles, Powerpuff Girls, some classic likeTom & Jerry, Paw Patrol, Spongebob and Finn & Jake, all to be found in …

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credits photo Vaifro Minoretti

NOME DI DONNA – Marco Tullio Giordana – backstage

In Milan, right in between jobs, during a break you might feel like having hit the lottery and run into the filming of “something”.

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Si è svolto con grande successo a Milano, presso l’Auditorium della Sede della Regione Lombardia, Il Premio Internazionale Il Dono dell’Umanità che ogni anno premia personaggi dello sport, dello spettacolo e della vita comune, distintisi sul piano dell’impegno sociale e morale che avvolge l’Italia ed il mondo e che operano per migliorare le sorti dell’umanità, pertanto rappresentano un dono prezioso per noi tutti.

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Crediti Photo Vaifro Minoretti