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LAVAZZA flagship store in Milan

LAVAZZA flagship store in Milan at Piazza San Fedele

Visiting the new LAVAZZA flagship store in the heart of Milan (located at Piazza San Fedele2 ).

The space has been designed by London-based retail consultancy JHP Design (Raj Wilkinson, Creative Director) to offer an immersive and innovative experience of the authentic world of Lavazza coffee.

At the centre of the room, above the… Enjoy the reading



(ph.: Vaifro Minoretti for 1blog4u)


THUN Caffé – Milan – Italy

THUN caffe new opening in Milano

Have you seen the romantic movie “You’ve Got M@il” by Nora Ephron?
Visiting the new THUN Caffé in Milan (located at 86 Corso Garibaldi), brought the movie back to mind.
Remember like in the movie there was a constant highlighting the contrast between the giant corporate style “Fox”, which was not personal at all, and the small “family ran” style bookstore “The Shop Around The Corner”?
The THUN Caffé represents that engagement between Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly.

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photo credits Vaifro Minoretti