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Giuliano Grittini: Cracker Art. La cultura pop tra mito e bellezza.

Giuliano-Grittini-Cracker-Art-La cultura-pop-tra-mito-e-bellezza
Giuliano-Grittini-Cracker-Art-La cultura-pop-tra-mito-e-bellezza

La Cracker Art di Giuliano Grittini.

A Milano dialogo tra l’incisore di Corbetta e i maestri del novecento.


Credits Photo ©  Vaifro Minoretti















































































































































1blog4u Anniversary 2017

1blog4u 2nd Anniversary

(11-11-2015 💫 11-11-2017) is the 1blog4u’s 2nd anniversary🎈

I want to thank you all for being here and making my blog experience great and awesome like you.
Thank you so much for your pics with a glass in your hand for a virtual toast with us!!!
Thanks for your likes, comments, suggestions, Award Nominations, follows, friendship.
Thank you for your time, support… but most of all thank you for the love!!

Enjoy the reading


Vaifro Minoretti