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HOBBY SHOW in Milan (the “mother” of all the other HOBBY SHOWs, Pordenone, Roma, Pescara, Catania) is scheduled, in an all-new version. In the pavilions of Fiera Milano City, it was possible to find everything needed for spare time to dedicate to their passions and favourite activities, and much more. The stands included companies, retailers, shops, specialised publishing, and above all teachers and experts, “tutors” to guide you through the discovery of new frontiers and to illustrate the most disparate decorating techniques. The many offers included: decoupage, scrapbooking, Biedermeier, rock painting, costume jewellery, cross stitch, needlepoint, filet crochet, patchwork and quilting, painting on fabric and silk, pottery, engraving, glass work, cake design and cooking. The dynamic and constantly expanding sector has often fully booked for the various sessions, stages and workshops. The strong feature of Hobby Show is its ability to interpret all the aspects of female handicrafts and meet the expectations and needs of every category of visitor. Five companies struck me: SAROBIDYINNBAMBOOHOBBY FELTROCREATTIVA Srl and the FANTASIOSE VIAGGIANTI’s courses. Two “ingredients” that are not lacking: welcome and kindness. Below you will find a brief description of each of them and the contact details and… 》》》 Enjoy the reading on 1blog4u

(ph. Vaifro Minoretti)


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