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ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018


On March 27, in Milan, in its flagship store at 19 Via Montenapoleone, Italia Independent hosted the “Italia Independent Press Day”.
The staff from 1blog4u attended the event to celebrate their last eyewear collections.
We should also note that the event was truly perfect in all respects: gentle smiles, we were very well received and the hospitality was superb.
Here following some meaningful notes concerning the…Enjoy the reading



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We accept donations for blog and web site maintenance whit PayPal




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RANDITAN jewels by Randi Tannenbaum

RANDITAN jewels by Randi Tannenbaum
RANDITAN jewels by Randi Tannenbaum
Randi Tannenbaum has been designing jewelry and accessories for decades. Her style has evolved naturally. In addition to her work with vintage metals, she makes and casts her own charms, and combine them with found objects, original charms, gem, stones and bits of vintage toys or machinery, to create objects to wear or to enjoy living with.
The Randi Tannenbaum largest online collection of artisan handcrafted jewelry, includes earrings, rings, cufflinks, necklaces and… Enjoy the reading



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MARINA CORAZZIARI jewels designer

MARINA CORAZZIARI Jewels Designer at AltaRoma


“Wellcome fashion” is the theme chosen by the talented jewelry designer Marina Corazziari,  which shows a timeless elegance, where the designer is able to cross generations, life situations and… Enjoy the reading



Ph: courtesy Marina Corazziari

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Marina Castelnuovo – A Parigi e ritorno.

marina-castelnuovo (3).jpg

“A Parigi e ritorno” titola oggi l’Annuario del Cinema Italiano. Articolo relativo alla prestigiosa Cena di Gala dei Premi “The Best” di Massimo Gargia.
Grazie mille alla Dott.ssa Elettra Ferraù.

Leggi l’articolo





"Due goccie d'acqua" (photo courtesy MCmanagement's)
“Due goccie d’acqua” (photo courtesy MC Management’s)



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TATRAS down jackets

TATRAS down jackets
down jackets, down coats, down vests (ph. Vaifro Minoretti for 1blog4u)


The history of TATRAS begins in 2006, as a great entrepreneurial dream. In just 10 years the brand TATRAS made a name for itself in the international market for high end down jackets.
TATRAS represents a rapid and constant course of growth made up of people, quality, research, innovation and an active, constructive spirit. In the three company headquarters in Tokyo, Osaka and Milan, in prestigious locations of clean contemporary style a…Enjoy the reading


(ph. Vaifro Minoretti for 1blog4u)



An afternoon off walking around the ARTIGIANO IN FIERA’s 2017 pavillons; one of the widest fairs of craftsmanship in the world. Founded in 1996 to promote handmade product from across the world, is one of the most significant economic and social phenomena of the last twenty years.
It is an ideal opportunity for Christmas shopping (not only), with… Enjoy the reading


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Mikhail Gorbacev rid
Marina Castelnuovo – Mikhail Gorbacev


Marina Castelnuovo, attrice, conduttrice, imprenditrice e celebre sosia ufficiale di Liz Taylor, sarà Ospite d’Onore al Capodanno Russo in Italia organizzato da Rossella Bezzecchi, che si celebrerà… continua a leggere



Alla Russia fanno gola i gioielli di Liz
Alla Russia fanno gola i gioielli di Liz
Layout Magazine russo Jewels&Watches-1
Layout Magazine russo Jewels&amp
Layout Magazine russo Jewels&Watches-2
Layout Magazine russo Jewels&amp
Marina Castelnuovo - Nikita Michalkov attore e regista russo
Marina Castelnuovo – Nikita Michalkov attore e regista russo
Mikhail Gorbacev rid
Marina castelnuovo – Mikhail Gorbacev
Raissa Gorbacev - Marina Castelnuovo
Raissa Gorbacev – Marina Castelnuovo
La Liz Varesina conquista i Russi con lusso e gioielli
La Liz Varesina conquista i Russi con lusso e gioielli

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ELES Italia at #WSLA17

ELES ITALIA at WSLA17 in Monaco

The seductive Lorena Baricalla chooses ELES Italia fot the exclusive Monaco WSLA 2017 event.

An extraordinarily glamorous weekend in Monte Carlo where, on December 1st and 2nd, took place the 2nd edition of the Monaco World Sports Legends Award, the Oscars of Sport, produced by Promo Art Monte Carlo Production.

The great international champions: Michael DoohanJacky IckxJosefa IdemMichèle Mouton and Armin Zöggeler, have been protagonists of the Talk Shows and, the following day during the Gala Show, they have been rewarded with one of the fabulous works of … Enjoy the reading


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BALOSSA White Shirt

BALOSSA White Shirt - Indra Kaffemanaite stylist - the perfection of asymmetry - SS 2018 (16)

BALOSSA: the perfection of asymmetry

Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Male and feminine, nothing is taken for granted, contrast of different lengths, harmony or desirable disharmony of shapes and proportions for the BALOSSA Spring Summer 2018 Collection by Indra Kaffemanaite, who brilliantly breaks the rules giving an unforeseen imprinting to the elegance. That of BALOSSA is … Enjoy the reading


RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum


RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum

Coming Soon…


ELES ITALIA spring-summer 2018

ELES ITALIA spring-summer 2018 - 1blog4u

The unparalleled beauty of Asinara inspires the new “Sardinian landscape” collection by ELES ITALIA

When we think about Sardinia, our mind comes in paradise places, wild nature, breathtaking views such as the Asinara National Park: a small world where the time seems to have stopped, harsh and sunny trails, high promontories alternating with beaches by the impalpable sand, small caves that hide a rich flora. The mysterious charm of a place where the strong sense of tradition continues to live through the centuries and regenerates itself spontaneously even within a modern system projected towards the future.

Enjoy the reading


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