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NINO CHIRCO interview


Nino Chirco’s interview


A coffee with Nino Chirco, independent film and music producer, who produced the film BRICIOLE SUL MARE directed by Walter Nestola, currently running for the David di Donatello award. How is our meeting with him born? Accidentally. He contacted us because he was impressed by our work on Socials and wanted to know if could have been achived to cooperate.


From there arose this interview that wants to be the story of a dream and the path that led to its realization. Two things, to skin (as they say) we were struck by Chirco. The smile and being “ahead” compared to the normality of people.
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NOME DI DONNA – Marco Tullio Giordana – backstage

In Milan, right in between jobs, during a break you might feel like having hit the lottery and run into the filming of “something”.

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